Being experienced in web design and full stack development, I'm able to jump in any project, no matter which phase. I specialize mostly in creating beautiful UI, animated icons and everything front-end related.

Webflow Development

I use Finsweet's Client-First Design system for most projects. Whether starting from scratch or working with templates, I'm able to develop production-ready websites and web apps. I also use other 'low code' tools such as Wized, Airtable, Xano and Relume Library.

Shopify Development

Having worked at an agency that specializes in e-commerce sites, I have experience in building a Shopify store from start to finish. From connecting APIs, to creating custom landing pages with PageFly to use for product A/B testing and marketing campaigns. I also have experience in creating headless systems, using Webflow or React/Gatsby for the front-end and Shopify as the CMS.

Front-end Development

A few libraries I've used for React projects include Material UI, Bootstrap, GSAP (Green Sock) for animations, Tailwind CSS. I also use React with Solidity for blockchain/web3 projects. For the most part, any CSS/JavaScript based library or framework, I'm able to use.

Fullstack Development

Although my main focus is on front-end development and UI design, I am experienced in using the MERN stack for creating web apps and complex sites. I'm also proficient in using the terminal/command line and Github for version control. I prefer to use Node.js, but I understand OOP concepts well enough to use Python or Java or whichever program a project may require.

UI/UX Design

I believe a good UI/UX design is important in creating a sense of trust for the user of a site. Good design can allow a brand to communicate its message in a clear and effective way. I use Figma for creating wireframes, prototypes and other deliverables. For feedback and communication, I'm familiar with Asana, Notion and Punchlist.

Custom Animated Icons

I use Lottie Animations for creating animated icons. I prefer them over other formats because they are lightweight and won't affect page speed. If I don't find your particular icon in an existing library, I will create it using After Effects. I believe animated icons provide a nice touch and can make a site more enjoyable to use.


If you're a blogger, you know the importance of creating content with substance and on a consistent basis. I can help you harness the power of modern AI tools such as ChatGPT for brainstorming and refining ideas. If used properly, I believe it has the power to assist human writers in overcoming blocks and creating content on a consistent basis.

Website Maintenance & Updates

I'll make sure your website is always in tip top shape. I offer daily, weekly or monthly maintenance and updates. This includes an audit and report of your site, using Google Lighthouse and Page Insights.

Mobile Friendly & Easily Accessible

Using modern CSS techniques, I'll make sure your website or web app looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. After publishing your website, I do several tests on all devices and popular browsers. I also make sure I develop in a way that helps with page speed and SEO. I do this by optimizing each image, using the proper html tags, alt text, etc.

Pricing Packages

You can choose between a monthly pricing plan or per project.

Website Maintenance
Ideal for a small business looking to establish an online presence and reach a wider audience.
Perfect for lean entrepreneurs and freelancers who want help with production work, so they can focus on their craft.
Great for e-commerce businesses with less than 10 products.
Ideal if you already have a website and just need daily or weekly maintenance and updates.
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Small Agency
Ideal for midsize business looking to upgrade their existing site and create efficient systems for maintaining the site.
Perfect for agencies looking for help with production work and e-commerce stores with 100+ products.
Includes web hosting fees
Includes licenses for stock photography and icons
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Ideal for mid-large companies and agencies looking to outsource production work.
Perfect for e-commerce brands with 1000+ products that require daily updates.
Includes web hosting fees
Includes licenses for stock photography and icons
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Shopify store
starting at
This includes a fully responsive 1-10 page website built with Shopify.
Uses Shopify theme
If you have a design already, in Figma form and have gathered all of the assets needed, I can build it within 3-5 days
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Webflow site
starting at
This includes a fully responsive 1-10 page website built with Webflow.
Also comes with a basic Airtable and Memberstack implementation. 
If you have a design already, in Figma form and have gathered all of the assets needed, I can build it within 1-2 weeks
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React app
starting at
This includes a fully responsive 1-10 page website built with the MERN Stack.
This price is only for building an MVP. It does not include hosting fees or maintenance fees.
If you have a design already, in Figma form and have gathered all of the assets needed, I can build it within 1-2 months
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Is it really 'unlimited' designs and requests?

Yes, all packages include unlimited requests and edits. You create tickets with tasks for the day, using a project management app and I steadily work on each ticket as I see them. There is a 'To do', 'In Progress' and 'Done' sections and I move each ticket accordingly so you're able to see the progress. Those tickets also have space for adding comments, critique and suggestions.

Which tools or programs do you use?

I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD or Figma for creating prototypes and wireframes. Webflow, PageFly and Gatsby for creating landing pages and developing the UI. I prefer to use raw HTML/CSS, but able to use frameworks such as Bootstrap or Material UI, if needed. I also use Github for version control and Trello for managing projects. I use Adobe Spark or Canva for light video editing and creating short video clips.

Are there any contracts to use your service?

No, you can cancel or pause at anytime.

What is the turnaround for design requests?

Depending on complexity, I try to keep the turnaround for most requests within 1-3 days.

How do we communicate?

Through email, phone, Trello, Loom video, Zoom and FaceTime calls. Whichever is convenient for you.

If I cancel my plan, will my website remain live?

Yes, your website and any graphics I design for you is yours to keep. Since my monthly rate includes all fees including third party apps, you'll have to takeover any fees for third party apps or plugins we use in order to keep all of the website functionalities working.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, you can pause and continue your membership at any time. While your membership is on pause, you will not be paying any labor fees, but will have to take over payments for any third party app fees we may use on your project.

Are there any design or website requests you don't offer?

I don't do any heavy video editing or motion graphics, but I can refer you to a friend that does. Also, I don't offer backend code development or data analytics yet, but plan to in the future.

Where can I download your resume?

You can download my resume here.

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