I am a freelance web developer specializing in front-end development and UI/UX design.

I specialize in using Webflow, Shopify and other 'low code' tools

A few of my favorite tools include Figma, Airtable, Wized, Relume Library, Xano and Finsweet's Client-first design system to build powerful and beautiful Webflow sites. I help startups, lean marketing teams and creative entrepreneurs execute on their ideas no matter which phase of the project they're in.  I also have experience in using traditional coding tools such as React, Node.js, GSAP and Github.

Brands I've worked with...

Low Code

There are new tools now that can create powerful websites, web apps and SaaS products that used to take a team of engineers, developers and designers to create. My aim is to specialize in those new tools.

Art first

Having an art background sets me apart from other web developers. I obsess over the colors as much as the code and logic. As a painter, I spent years studying and experimenting with color theory, composition rules and I believe that helps me in my design work.

Idea Launcher

I help people get their ideas off the ground. From sketches and mind maps to MVPs and launch dates, I love seeing brands come to life.

Currently enrolled in Shift Nudge

As of May 2024, I've enrolled in Shift Nudge, an intense and renowned UI/UX Design bootcamp led by Matt Smith.

Web Development Projects

Since January 2023, I've built 12 Webflow websites for clients and personal projects, using the Relume Library and Finsweet's Client-first design system.