About Manny

My family and I moved to the US when I was 11 years old and I remember my father selling used computers from his booth at the flea market to make ends meet. That's where my fascination with entrepreneurship and technology began. I grew up in Georgia and studied art and graphic design in college.

Since graduating, I've been a freelance graphic designer and painter. I've shown my paintings in several fine art galleries over the years and worked as a studio assistant for designer, Marc Tetro. In 2018, I taught myself how to code, finished a full stack JavaScript bootcamp and landed my first contract job as a web developer with a law firm called Alston & Bird.

Soon after, I added web development to my list of services and started my own one-man agency, Manny Cortez Studios. I'm currently based in San Diego, California and work with multiple agencies, as a web developer and designer.

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