About Me

Happy Clients

Horse #23 ~ 5 x 6 feet ~ Private Residence
"Uga" ~ 5 x 6 feet ~ Commissioned
"Bison" ~ 24 x 30 inches ~ Shannon and Fred
36 x 36 inches  
Private Residence
Horse #23 ~ 4 x 5 feet ~ Private Residence
"Goombah" ~ Private Residence
"Lion" ~ 34 x 42 inches ~ Dr Sule's Office ~ Valdosta, GA
"Empress II" ~ 24 x 30 inches ~ Dr Sule's Office ~ Valdosta, GA
Dr Sule with one of my abstract pieces.
"Bulldog #43" ~ 4 x 5 feet ~ Dr Sule's Clinic
Ben from New York, with a copy of my book, Hot Butter Music.
Working on a bulldog commission.
Brenda from Art Gallery Seven, with one of my pieces behind her.
At a private collector's home.
At an outdoor art show with Muse & Co Fine Art Gallery.
Me at a solo showing at Max's Wine Dive in Midtown Atlanta. Summer 2016
Flyer from my first dual solo show at Carrollton Cultural Arts Center.
2015 Solo show at Carrollton Cultural Arts Center in west Georgia.
My pieces at Ember Gallery in downtown Chattanooga, TN.
Adriana with my Amy Winehouse piece.

who I am

I am an artist, writer and self-taught web designer. I've been represented by several fine art galleries around Atlanta including Muse & Co Fine Art, Art Gallery Seven, Lagerquist Gallery and Ember Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

My family and I moved here from Saudi Arabia back in 1997, when I was just 12. I remember my father selling used computers at the flea market to make ends meet. My brother and I would always go with him after school to hang out at his booth and that's where my fascination with computers began. It also gave me a taste of what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

what I do

I help creative entrepreneurs and lean business owners gain an edge over their competition and enhance their presence on the web. I assist everyday people in bringing their ideas to life.

My focus is on front-end development and my years of experience as a professional artist have honed my eye and feel for good design. I believe that my knowledge of color theory and composition gives me an edge over other developers.

Whether you hire me to join a team or to lead a project, my aim is to bring unique solutions and ideas to the table. I keep up with the latest trends in design and tech, so that you can focus on what you do best.