Fine Art

I've been drawing since I could remember and studied art and graphic design in college. Painting for me is therapeutic and a big part of my daily routine.

In 2013, I started to show my pieces and was represented by several fine art galleries in Georgia and Tennessee including Muse & Co Fine Art, Lagerquist Gallery, Gallery Seven (Phipps Plaza), Carre D'Artistes and Ember Gallery.

Artist Life

In 2019, I took a break from painting and learned how to code. I saw many parallels between art making and designing websites and they often use the same skill sets, concepts, and principles such as in color theory and composition. I see HTML/CSS as nothing more than a set of digital paint brushes and canvas.

These days, I am getting back into painting more often after realizing that I don't have to choose between web development and art anymore. I can do both. There's not as much to learn in either fields anymore and it's just a matter of executing, practicing and honing now.

Art Philosophy

For me, art making is a therapeutic exercise and something I do to take a break from the computer. It's a way for me to relax and stimulate my mind without using an electronic device.

Before learning web development, I was paying bills with my paintings just fine, but it was feast or famine and turned something that I enjoyed doing; into something I HAD to do, to survive. I learned a valuable life lesson here and found out that yes, it is possible to suffer burnout, even if you're pursuing something you love and are truly passionate about.

Now, I'm happy to finally find the work/life balance I've been looking for. Since becoming a remote web developer, I'm able to paint when I want and paint whatever subject I choose and I don't have to worry about whether they sell or not.

Painting is becoming more of a spiritual and meditative practice for me and something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.

Galleries I've worked with


I've available for commissions. Please send me a message or schedule a time for a Zoom call, so I can learn more about what you have in mind.

Canvas stretching

In 2013, I worked with well-known graphic artist, Marc Tetro as his studio assistant. In a span of 3 years, I've stretched thousands of canvas prints to get them ready for retail stores such as Macy's, Target, Crate & Barrel.

I've also stretched large original pieces for local Atlanta artists such as Mary Beth Cornelius, Garnet Reardon and other Muse & Co Fine Art artists.

If you live in the Atlanta area and need an original piece stretched, contact me for a free quote.

Happy Collectors

Here are a few collectors who have bought my paintings over the years.

Newlyweds picking up a commissioned painting from my apartment in Atlanta. (2015)
My horse painting in a collector's house.
My bulldog and Don Quixote paintings making an appearance on an episode of House Hunters in 2016.
Sometimes, I just travel around the states and paint in hotels. This was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2018.
Another hotel in Florida.
My flower painting at Muse & Co Fine Art Gallery in Roswell, Georgia.
Dr Sule with one of my paintings in his clinic in Valdosta, Georgia.
Dr Sule has a collection of 9 paintings of mine and I'm happy to see them when I visit Valdosta.
"Empress II" in Dr Sule's clinic.
My lion piece at Dr Sule's clinic.
Commissioned bulldog piece. 5 ft x 6 ft.
My mixed media piece at Art Gallery Seven in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.
My rooster painting making an appearance in Tyler Perry's Madea Christmas movie. haha
In 2015, I worked at a Mosaic Supply Store and my boss was cool enough to let us paint in the back of his warehouse in Decatur.
My Don Quixote painting at Muse & Co Fine Art in Roswell, Georgia. This is the first piece I sold as gallery represented artist.
My paintings at Ember Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Me at a solo showing at new restaurant in Buckhead. (Summer 2016)
Dropping off some new pieces at Art Gallery Seven in Atlanta, Georgia.
My bulldog paintings at a collector's house.
Empress painting at a collector's house. 36 x 36 inches. (Sold for $5k)
My musician pieces at a collector's home.
Owner of Gallery Seven, Brenda Joyce posing with my painting behind her.