what I do

I help creative entrepreneurs and lean business owners gain an edge over their competition and enhance their presence on the web. I assist everyday people in bringing their ideas to life.

My focus is on front-end development and my years of experience as an artist/painter have honed my eye and feel for good design. I believe my knowledge of color theory and composition help in creating dynamic websites.

Whether you hire me to join a team or to lead a project, my aim is to bring unique solutions and ideas to the table. I keep up with the latest trends in design and tech, so that you can focus on what you do best.

I specialize in using the MERN stack for development and I use Webflow, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD for creating quick prototypes for UI/UX design projects.  Currently, I am studying blockchain technology and learning smart contract development using Solidity.

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email: mannycortezstudios@gmail.com

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